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We all want to perform. To be our best when it matters most – in work and life. Yet in today’s stress-filled, 24/7 world, we can feel unfocused, unmotivated and depleted. At the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, our science-based approach to sustainable behavior change helps people expand their energy capacity for improved performance and resilience.

Our Corporate Athlete® Training Solutions

The Power of Human Energy

A groundbreaking training solution that helps people transform the way they approach energy to achieve sustained high performance.

The Power of Positive Stress

An in-depth training solution that helps individuals assess, manage and strategically leverage stress for growth.

Our Proven
Multidimensional Approach

We help individuals become physically energized, emotionally
connected, mentally focused and fully engaged in the moments that matter.

We Deliver Real Results

Over the years, thousands of people have experienced our holistic Corporate Athlete® training programs. See how our training makes a real difference.

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